Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mugshot Barbie

This is just an observation. I just saw the new Barbie profile logo. First, I'll show you one of the older ones:

And now the one I just saw:

Look at it.
Now, is it just me, or does this one remind you of that mugshot of Nicole Ritchie, only in profile?

I swear, that is what it reminded me of for some reason. They should make a whole new line of Barbies based on spoiled rich kids. Why be a surgeon when you can go clubbing and drive the wrong way down the street at night? They can sell those ugly little rat-dogs in expensive bags as accessories. Great idea!


Laoch of Chicago said...


beaux said...

That is funny.
Today Lois was cleaning the garage and found a trunk full of barbie dolls that the girls couldn't wait to get their hands on.
Now will Paris have her own line of debauchery?

*mary* said...

Beaux- I hope not!

Lo said...

The downside to all those Barbies? Beaux's mom stored them in mothballs. I'm still gagging.
Great post.

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