Friday, September 4, 2009, and Some Other Things

Hello fellow bloggers and anonymous couple of readers! Time to update you all on the adventures of ME. How's that for Freudian Narcissism? But then, that is the heart of blogging is it not? Some would say yes. (I say we gang up on that guy and kick his ass! And then blog about it.)

First I want to say that blogging is so much easier and much more fun now, so I just might do it more often. The reason? Well, I recently got the new laptop . After much comparing and debating (and name-calling), I went with this one:
[Cue angelic choir]

Isn't it beautiful? It is, of course, the MacBook Pro. So easy to use: never gets hot, doesn't make a sound, don't have to bother with anti-spyware and three hour scans. I love it. Plus I got a student discount AND got a free Ipod Touch.

That brings me to the next item for this post. I have been nerding it up listening to all kinds of cool podcasts on history and grammar on the Ipod. (And of course- Hey Brooklyn by Amber!)

Grammar Girl's podcast is where I found out that you can get a free trial and download a free audiobook at (That link has the full address and will take you to the correct page for the free trial and download.)

I have never tried an audiobook. I'm old school. I like to have the book in my hands. Sniff it. Use weird scraps of paper for bookmarks. Throw it at someone to get my point across. Spill coffee on it. The normal fun things one does with books.

But, the audiobook is free so it seems like an opportune time to try it, no? If any of you do the free trial let me know what book you choose. I am having trouble deciding. There is a pretty good selection.

Also- two weeks into school already and it is going well so far. I had to do a simple presentation and had a complete spaz attack. I have been exiled in Mommyville for over two years. It may take some time to readjust to things such as: people that aren't Violet or Jeremy, bright lights, having to think.

Wish me luck. (That way I can be insulted at your implication that I need some sort of magical ward to accomplish my goal rather than relying on talent and intellect alone.)



Laoch of Chicago said...

Nice new computer!!!

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Sounds scary to me. Glad you are liking it.

OHN said...

Ahhhh, you have become one of the chosen apple people. Oldest son is a campus rep for them and by the time people are done talking to him, they are running to the campus apple store to spend their hard earned money on the miracle that is apple. I keep telling him he needs to hook his momma up with a ITouch :)

lucythevaliant said...

Good luck! :)Also,I LOVE the macbook!

Amber said...

That Amber girl from Hey Brooklyn is WHACK, yo!

Congrats on your new computer! Welcome to the Mac side!

I listened to Pygmy by Chuck Palahniuk while I was painting my new apartment. It's a difficult book to read, but fantastic to listen to (the main character speaks in a strange broken English that the narrator reads SO WELL). It's also nice to listen to something if you're doing something with your hands.

Also, anything written by David Sedaris. It's lovely to have him read his writing to you.

*mary* said...

OHN- the LEAST he could do is get you an Ipod Touch! Or tell him to update his laptop so you can have the old one. Lol.

Amber- Thanks for the suggestions. Oddly, those are the two authors I have been waffling between. Great minds, and all that.

Anonymous said...

steve jobs sucks! all apple products r junk. why did u waste your money on that crap murt? when you start usin it for school youll see its not compatable programs with the ones your school will be usin.............terry

*mary* said...

But it is so shiny, I forgive it. The word processor on here can save as a Word document and I haven't had any problems so far. Plus I can get Office for Mac if it does. Don't be a hater. (Besides, you should've asked why I wasted my grant money on it. I don't have $$$ to buy this!)

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