Friday, June 5, 2009


Scavenger Cat- the homeless cat we were guilted by The Concerned Neighborhood into taking in last year, had a run-in with the neighborhood skunk last night. (Yes, our neighborhood has a skunk. Really.) She pissed this little skunk off and was in turn pissed upon.

Hours later she was still sitting on the porch wanting in, confused as to why she was still outside. The poor little spaz. Her tail was going into some sort of nervous twitching fit. She just wants to be left outside long enough to kill snakes and birds and bring their headless corpses to the porch as our prize, then go into the den where she stays at night. Ugh. We felt sorry for her, plus she no longer reeked of skunk juice, so we let her in. I knew skunk stench didn't go away that fast but we didn't smell it and gave in to end the pathetic tail-twitching.

Ahhh. So this morning when I opened the den I was greeted by the horrid and familiar skunky smell and I realized that she had, of course, still smelled like skunk-ass last night. After you smell something that noxious for any length of time your olfactory glands just sort of block it out until you are removed from it for a bit. Like over a night. Needless to say, I skipped breakfast and she is outside until the stench is gone.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Poor feline!

amber said...

Poor thing. Cover her with tomato sauce.

beaux said...

Get some tomato juice. I'm sure the critter needs a bath anyway.

Sidd said...

Wouldn't it be an interesting world if we could all spray super-stench on those who tick us off. My mechanic would still be stinking after charging me 71.69 for an oil change last week.

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