Saturday, March 28, 2009

May All Your Elvises Be Velvet

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A toast! Raise your (plastic) flute of Champale and enjoy! (Or just drink it straight from the can!)

May the wind always be at your back,

and all your jewelry 100% Diamonique.

May your wine box never go empty,

and your illicit crops flourish!

May all your trailers be double-wide,

and all your painkillers have refills.

And, most of all,

May all your Elvises be velvet.

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Have a nice day!


lucythevaliant said...

is that really champagne in a can? Really??

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sadly, my wine boxes do go empty. But, being the resourceful person I am, I take the wine bladder out and continue to squeeze it until every last drop is consumed! ;-)

Constructive Attitude said...

same to you!

And I was just living to Elvis' song, "In the Ghetto" :)

mary evelyn said...

haha, thanks! you have a great day too :o)

Laoch of Chicago said...

I wonder how that tastes?

Autism Mom said...

Hey, Champale is how Bart Simpson was conceived on the putt-putt course!

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