Monday, February 2, 2009

Hell Has Thawed, Mostly

So, yay, we are finally home. The power is on, the fridge has been cleared of all the food that went bad and mostly restocked. We survived the arctic blast of the Alberta Clipper! Here are some fun moments I'll share with you.

Snow + Cars + Time= Sludge.
Ice makes people drive funny.
Violet and Ice Bat, trying to recover from the traumatic stay at the Budget Inn.

"They're heeeeerrrre." As you can see, our luxury suite boasted such features as: floor, wall, ceiling, broken Coke machine down the hall. Only the best for us, baby!

I am glad to be home, glad to be warm. Not so glad that I had to throw out about twenty pounds of food, most bought the day before the power went out. But, considering the fact that some people had to stay huddled in at the Red Cross with strangers to keep from freezing to death, and at least one person died from carbon monoxide poisoning from a kerosene heater, I'd say we had it pretty easy.


Constructive Attitude said...

YAYAY ur home!

global warming is a pain in the butt. and i feel bad about all that food you had to throw away.

Blicky Kitty said...

Oh I'm happy you're home. I think we're about to get clobbered in MA tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

where did you throw the food?are you sure it was all bad!missed you call us biiiioootch!luv your bubby

minerva1822 said...

glad to hear your doing better...and man someone needs to do something about that telephone pole!!...thats crazy!..violet is too cute and man he hair is so long!..breanna shall be

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