Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back to Black

As you can see, I have went back to the Minima Dark template. I couldn't take the Pepto Dismal any longer. I was just using it for its three column setup. (It must feel so cheap now.) Back to the search for a three column Blogger template that doesn't require insane amounts of Html tweaking. I followed several tutorials to add a third column, but none worked for me. If anyone knows how to fix this and add a third column I'd appreciate any help!

Next up- Vi0let threw up for the first time earlier. This thoroughly freaked me out. I am a worrier and tend to stress out over things like this. (I'm in the wrong business, I know.)
She napped and woke up seemingly okay... then hurled again a moment later. Her doctor said to start Pedialyte, which I had on hand. I had to trick her by putting it into a Coke bottle. She caught on, but I did get a few ounces down first. Her Daddy's on the way home with PediaPops and some crackers. Hopefully it's a short-term stomach bug and goes away soon!

My poor baby. When she threw up she looked at me and then at the floor and said, "Pooked!"



Poor Baby. Hope she starts feeling better soon.
My niece just changed her template and I clicked on the site name to see what they had. I think I saw some three column templates there: Good luck.


This was also on her blog and it looked like some do-it-your steps for html stuff.

*mary* said...

Thanks, S.H.S.T. She has kept down some bland foods and some Pedialyte for the past couple of hours, so that is a good sign.

I'll check out the template site. Thanks again!

*mary* said...

YAYYY! Thanks so much SHST! That is the first tutorial I have actually gotten to work! Happy! Three columns without frilly silliness!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

The stomach bug is making it's rounds. Sorry the li'l one got it. Mine had it a couple of weeks ago - luckily, it doesn't last long. I hope she's feeling better soon.

Constructive Attitude said...

yay im so glad you got this layout back. no offense, but i didnt like the other one. just didnt feel like it was you. lol if that makes any sense.

and i hope violet feels better:D

Constructive Attitude said...

p.s.she never threw up as a baby?

*mary* said...

ETW- She already seems better today. Still has a slight temp, but no hurling. It's probably MY turn now.

CA- None taken, lol. That wasn't my style. At all. Shows you how desperate I was for a three column blog, huh?
Yes, she would spit up on occasion, but never actually threw up. Yes, there is a difference. You'll have the pleasure of discerning the two if you choose to have a child someday. It's one of the many fun science lessons you learn as a parent. haha.

amber of TheAmberShow said...

It's time to come to the Wordpress dark side. We have cookies over here!

controlled chaos said...

aw poor baby. I hope she gets better reallll soon. Just don't worry too much. I'm sure she'll be better soon enough. :)
and tell her I said Hi.
I don't know why. For some reason I feel like I should always say Hi to babies. Hmm.. I'm going to stop being weird.

Mrs. Cullen said...

this picture reminds me of my cat! my brother borrowed his friends wolf costume which is REALLY SCARY and freaks me out. anyways, my cat was in the kitchen watching the birds through the screen door when my brother ran in the room and scared her. as soon as she saw it she freaked out and didn't know what to do so she just ran through the screen door. it was hilarious but my parents were pretty mad..not because of the screen door but because we mentally tortured the cat.

anywayss, just wanted to let you know, we chose your blog as adorably cute. Come back to our blog for your "Cute" award =)

t i m said...

black is definitely the new black :)

Maelstrom said...

I know what you mean on the blogger templates business. I was also on minima black for a while and wanted a fancy 3 column blog... I ended up giving up, at least for now. My desire for 3 columns fought a good fight against my lazy ways but fell in the end.

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