Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day: Extended Version

Hello Blogworld citizens.
Just a quick update to let you know why I will not be on for at least a few days.

Well, that cozy snow day turned into an icy hell overnight. We lost electricity and with no alternate heat source we had to get a hotel room to avoid any previously mentioned Donner Party situations.

The luxurious Budget Inn was the last room available in our vicinity- and we called within 20 minutes of power outage! Our power is out until at least Saturday. Oh- and guess what? This Budget Inn has price-gouged during this snow and ice emergency, and are charging us $65 a night for the smallest room in the world. (Isn't that illegal? It's actually categorized as an emergency. It's just wrong either way. Bastards!) I've stayed in Times Square for this price, and the room was just as big. No way do they charge this normally, not in this small town.

I have some crazy pictures to share when I get my own internet back... some day.
By the way, the pretzels were awesome, as was the hummus. Too bad I'll have to throw everything out of my fridge and start over when I get to go home.

If you are also stuck in this mess- be careful! Talk to you soon, blog comrades!


Sidd said...

That is so uncool to price gauge you. Karma will get em! Or Mothman! Glad you found a little place to stay warm. Tell all when you return, with pics.

Gatsby said...

Sounds like an adventure.


Stay warm and get extra blankets now in case the power goes out there. And make sure you fill out there comment cards and tell them you really don't appreciate the price hike. But be nice to the maids because they're just doing their jobs.
That is unless they're being mean then give them hell.

Blicky Kitty said...

That sounds totally crap-ola. You need to get one of those red lights and shine it around the room. If you find anything you can contact the local press. :) Can we all put bloggie pressure on Best Western for you?

I LOVE the artist who did those Faerie books on your shelfari.

See you when you get back to bloggyland.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Stay safe - that's the most important thing! This weather stinks, although we haven't had it as bad as you all.

minerva1822 said...

i hope you guys are doing better today...try to stay safe and fucking suck..if i were you i would call to complain and talk to the owner..if they wont do anything get ahold of the main branch...threaten publicity like writing to the paper or never know they may give you your money back and offer you some free sister gets away with this kind of stuff all the

Constructive Attitude said...

omg. why cant they be faster at getting ur electricity back? how long does it take?

Q said...

That's bullshit. You should fight someone. I'd recommend Mr. Budget.

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