Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mad Hatter's Tea Party, With Weiner Dog

Violet decided to have a small tea party a moment ago. It was a "crazy hat" themed party, I guess. She wore her dad's hat (which was his grandfather's, and is in dire need of a cleaning), and her friend Sparkly Weiner Dog wore a rattle on his head. It was good times, you should have been there. By the looks of this picture, it may not have been tea so much as hard cider.
Not everyone one was invited, though. Chi-Chi wouldn't let Violet eat any of his delicious chinchilla treats so she told him he couldn't come. Poor Chiru!


Chelle said...

Chinchillas can be real stingy bitches sometimes.

Ciervo Pequeño said...

I'm not really tech savvy, and shamefully, do not understand HTML, so I shopped google for pre-fabs until I found one that was acceptable. Strangely enough, my current template is named "Communist"... haven't decided if that's telling or not... I found it at :)

Ciervo Pequeño said...

Agreed on all accounts! I'm the same way, I'm always shocked when people stiff me. Even if service is bad, I leave something.

And this particular roommate is the real life Pigpen. I waffle between not caring and almost not caring these days... When the stench is so thick I have trouble breathing, I am forced to act, however.

It's nice to meet another blogger in the Appalachians :)

The Self-Deprechaun said...

Violet looks like she likes her hard liquor and means business. I bet the next photo that was not posted was of when Violet turns over the table and cusses everyone out.

Hot Belly Mama said...

cute, I hope to have daughters to do the same. Thanks for sharing!

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