Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas: The Season of Excess!

This is my fantasy Christmas list. I wouldn't really buy these things even if I had the surplus of cash they would require, but it is fun to pretend. (Well, except the first one. I would totally buy that. And maybe the second one, too.)

  • A Fierce Bunny, handmade by Sonja Ahlers. Self-explanatory; Look at it! $75.

  • A six-foot Ugly Doll! I'd get one for Violet, too. I am not sure which I'd choose, but any would be cool. Retails at $599 each.
  • A really pretty key (I've lost the name of the person who designed it) which costs $965.
  • A delicious box of assorted gourmet chocolates: $125.

  • Which I will eat while gazing upon the bust of Caligula that I will place on my fireplace mantel: Priceless. (You saw that coming, right? I wasn't even going to go there but had to at the last second.)

What is your fantasy Christmas list? Make one- it's fun!


Annika said...

OK, yeah, I guess my list doesn't really look all that frivolous in comparison.

Constructive Attitude said...

Omg. why are they ridiculously overpriced. and the "ugly" doll, isnt ugly. its so cute!

minerva1822 said...

my list is dull..i just want cash to pay my

controlled chaos said...

If I had to create one it would be getting A's on all six of my finals...sigh
I don't know about the first two but the gourmet box of chocolates always tempts me everytime i get those catalogs.

Sidd said...

Ok. I started my Fantasy List over on the blog. It's fun!

jenny said...

i love the ugly dolls. i need to work on my fantasy christmas list.

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