Friday, October 10, 2008

Is Nothing Sacred? I Hate Sequels!

At least really bad ones.
I know this is old news for most, but I only recently learned of the plans for the movie sequel to Donnie Darko: "Samantha Darko." The original writer is not involved. Nor are any of the original actors, with the exception of the girl who played Donnie's little sister, Samantha. This is supposed to pick up eight years later with her as the main character. Ugh.
It gets worse! Elizabeth "Cinema Kiss of Death" Berkley is going to be in it! Read about it here, then weep. Sorry, but why does that film even need a sequel? It is much better left alone.


Sidd said...

Yeah. Sequels can be a disaster, especially for true fans of the original. It takes a special taken, and usually original writers etc to pull it off. Even then it is hard to succeed. Thank heavens for LOTR. Not exactly "sequels", but continued the greatness start to finish.

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