Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Blog-Slacker Update

I haven't posted in a few days so I thought I'd do a quick update.
On Friday Violet turned eighteen months old! She also had a well-child visit at the pediatrician the same day. Of course, she is not where they believe she should be as far as weight goes. She was twenty-two pounds exactly. Se goes back for a weight checkup next month. Naturally the unspoken implication was that I don't feed her properly. The dietitian I hired said I am doing a "stellar job" and had to really try to come up with any helpful suggestions that I hadn't already discovered on my own. I made sure to let the doctor know that little tidbit.
In the good news category, my colposcopy results arrived from my OB's office today and they are normal for now. I'll get a checkup in six months. Yay.
Chiru, our chinchilla, has been relocated to the living room where he will (hopefully) feel more like part of the family. I'm getting him a bigger cage for Xmas. I don't if I have even posted any pictures of him. I'll do that later.
Well, Violet just finished the four-course dinner I prepared for her (well, the parts she wanted to eat anyway) and now she wants to play. I shall be posting again soon. Stay tuned!


minerva1822 said...

your an awesome mommy and your doctor is a douchbag...violet is healthy and happy and thats all that matters...anyhoo im so happy to hear all came up normal on your tests!!..i know you were worrying alot over that so im happy to hear you vajayjay is alright (hardy har har vajayjay) yes post pics of chiru i wanna meet him :D

Sidd said...

Great news on the tests. And if Violet were any healthier, there would need to be two of you! Why must doctors try to put everyone in neat little boxes. One size fits all. Just as funny in children as it is in clothes! LOL

Annika said...

Oh for the love of Pete. Whoever Pete is. I dread to think what your doctor would say about Sam, who weighed all of 23 pounds at 18 months and finally hit 26 at two. He is still 26 pounds at two and a half, by the way.

Word verification = dilrice, which is clearly an endorsement for dill rice which sounds pretty tasty right now.

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