Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why I'm Not Vegan

Don't worry, there is no long philosophical rambling about man's rightful dominion over animals. I have never eaten an animal. It just never interested me. My two reasons for not being vegan are simple:

1. Provolone
2. Cheddar

Which is odd because the idea of drinking milk gags me and there's really no difference. I want to quit dairy altogether. I have been breastfeeding Violet for almost seventeen months and it can be hard work. The idea of putting some poor animal through the torture of being milked around the clock to feed humans seems cruel and gross.
So, if they make a patch like they do for smokers only to help wean you from cheese, let me know!


Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

you could look for local farmers that sell cheese and raise their animals in happy & open pastures.

*mary* said...

Yes, if I am not going to stop eating it I need to at least do that. The other reason I want to stop, Hot Belly Mama, is because I could have a blog named "Pot Belly Mama." lol. I can be skinny as hell everywhere else but dairy keeps a little belly on me. (Well, not AS little now, post-baby.)

Autism Mom said...

What about the "bacon" you ate? ;)

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