Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Wee Little's Update

Yesterday was Violet's seventeen-month birthday! She didn't have cake, unless you count the golden flax meal and cinnamon pancakes she had for breakfast. She has been saying new words and I've been meaning to make a list and count them, just for fun. I think I'll attempt it right now.
  • Mama, her first word, at four months old! (Now she only says it when she's mad or tired.)
  • Da-da, and now Daddy, which she says very clearly and very cutely. It makes me a little jealous.
  • Chi-chi, for our chinchilla, Chiru.
  • key-cat, for cat or actually any small animal she sees besides Chiru.
  • baby
  • hat, because she's a hat freak.
  • shoe, because she is a shoe freak, too.
  • bye-bye, which she says any time she sees her shoes.
  • Oh boy, which she says very clearly, enunciating each syllable (yes, I mean both of them. There is clear diphthong on the -oy part.) It's just not as cute when anyone over the age of three says "oh boy" though, is it?
  • banana, which can range from "nana" to "see-nana," but sometimes she says it perfectly.
  • moon, she'll only bust this one out on special occasions such as a full moon, but not for any old waning gibbous moon.
  • 'sic, this is her way of saying music. She knows how to turn on the cd player and I've already had to say, "Violet turn down that music!" I thought that it would be the hip subculture music of her teens, mind you, and not Putomayo Kids "Ants in my Pants," but whatever.
  • bed, which is usually said as "bed-bed"

I know there are some other words she says but they aren't said that often so I can't think of them right now. She tries to say "A, B, C" and also tries to count but mostly she is just mimicking the inflection. On the bright side, no cursing yet!

Well, that is your Violet update. I hope you enjoyed it. ;)


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