Friday, September 12, 2008

Matches Made In Hell

I got a chance to look over the other matches from the case, and while none compete with the grim "body tags: a thoughtful gift" matchbook, they are still amusing. And sexist.

My favorite is the sexist "sports tankard." The form asks that you to specify whether you are male or female when ordering, because apparently hockey, football, and weightlifting are "male sports only." (Look on the right side. It actually has asterisks by those sports and says "male sports symbols only") What are they going to do, deny your request if you are a woman who wants a weightlifting sports cup? Even if these people (mistakenly) thought a female couldn't perform these sports, can they not be fans? What a jerky thing to say!
Don't despair ladies! You may not be allowed to play those manly sports, according to the sexist matchbook anyway, but you CAN buy the "Fine Mist Sprayer!" It not only makes plants healthier, but is great for laundry and windows, too! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! "Perfect even for setting hair!" Now doesn't that sound better than getting your apron all dirty by playing football, girls?
Good luck burning a hole through the glass ceiling with these matches!


Sidd said...

You made my day. Sports Tankard. LOL
I want to know more about the scissors "molded to my hand". Now is that an Edward Scissorhands type molded to my hand? And do they come out to take a hand impression? And wow,"fatigue-free" scissors? How many times have I complained about hand fatigue while snipping. Order me a pair today!
My buddy here says the Body Tags are very Dexter. I have to agree.

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