Monday, July 14, 2008 R Douchebagz Supreme!

So I recently ordered a book from for my younger brother's birthday. I had originally planned to pick it up and take it to him, but no local bookstores had it in, so I was surprised to find that had it. (Surprised, as they usually stick with romance novels and Oprah-approved literature.) I ordered it last minute (actually three and a half days before his birthday,) paying almost as much for the next-day UPS shipping as I did for the book itself. That was fine. I just wanted it to get there before his birthday, which their website said it would- with two days to spare!

Well, the July 11th delivery date came and went. Not there yet. I wrote them an email to which they responded that it had been lost in transit. They gave me the options of having it replaced or refunding my payment. I stipulated that they could replace my item (my poor brother has been expecting this and still wants it!) only if they are still going to ship it next-day, as I had paid for. Only fair, right? My second choice in resolving it was a refund if that could not be done.

Guess what? They are sorry that they "could not meet my expectations." Yes, I know! I have high expectations in wanting what I had already paid for! Audacious! They are refunding me because it was too much to expect that they ship the item next-day that I already paid for, after the fact that my brother's birthday was yesterday, for which I had no gift for him.

I wrote them a great letter. Perhaps if I get an amusing response I will post it later.


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