Saturday, July 5, 2008

Do You Ever Wonder...

...what the rest of the world thinks of us ("us" being Americans) when they see what our own news channels choose to cover?
Like yesterday all the cable news stations covered Independence Day celebrations, including eating contests in which people gorged and glutted hotdogs or waffles to celebrate the Fourth of July. A person from another country might think, as I do, What The Hell?

On a similar note, I took Violet to see the local firework display for the first time. It was sixty-five degrees and started drizzling rain once we were there. It had sprinkled off an on all day, so we were prepared with a covered stroller, an umbrella, a jacket for her, and even a blanket to throw over us if we needed to. The young lady beside us, who held her five month old with one hand and her lit cigarette in the other, didn't bother to dress her baby daughter in more than a flimsy onesie. She didn't even attempt to cover the child's head to keep the cool rain off. Wow.


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