Saturday, June 7, 2008

Perverse content in childrens' shows: Why?

So I was sitting with Violet the other morning, letting her watch Sesame Street while she ate breakfast. We don't really watch too much television but she was fidgety and it helped her sit still in her highchair, rather than trying to slide out of it. It was at the "Elmo's World" segment in which Mr. Noodle appears. This episode he had Mrs. Noodle along. They were learning to swing on a swingset and take turns and all that jazz. Then it was back to Elmo who says, "Wow, they really are swingers! Haha!" It was a nuance in his little muppety voice and the way he emphasized the two words that made it clear that this show, as well as other kids' shows and cartoons I've seen, are purposely putting sexual innuendo into the programs.

A month or two back Sesame Street had a skit, "Desperate Houseplants," in which two withering pieces of foliage suddenly flourished after being watered down by a buff puppet gardener. They were quite vocally relieved, if you know what I'm saying. There are dozens of examples I have seen, and the ones on Sesame Street were pretty tame compared to some others.

I'm not some relilgoius fanatic who is outraged over this. In fact I am an atheist. I simply want to know what compels the writers, producers, and myriad others who surely read the script, do the voices, film it, etcetera, to slip in these little nuggets. What is the point?

Most likely the toddlers who are the target demographic for these programs aren't chuckling to themselves at these jokes. Bored parents who are folding laundry or whatever while the child watches the program probably doesn't even notice it. So who is this for? Is it just the perverse knowledge that you got something slighlty risque into a well-known kids' show? Ohhh, how naughty! I mean, what other reason is there?

Trust me, I am not some pervo who is watching an innocent kid show and projecting all these naughty little adult jokes onto it. Pay attention next time your kid is watching any cartoon. You'll notice the plot steering the characters into pointless dialogue about "nuts" or "balls" just for the sake of having to repeat these words over and over. I witnessed my nephew watching some kids' show in which the plot involved a pole that wouldn't fit into a hole, and dialogue that included "the pole won't fit, it's too big!" It went on like that for an obscene amount of time.

The problem I have with this is mainly because it is mindless. I don't like the idea of some jerkface having a good laugh at having put sexual innuendo into a kids' show.


Luamepd Ahmed said...


I am Luamepd Ahmed in Egypt and I think you are smart, angelicy girl with smart points. i have a samiliar trouble for my nephew he has to be exposed to violent ton alot of most of the time. he is 2 and half year old baby who sees stranger cartoon with violentce stuff. now he act in action imitation of cartoon, and say words in eglish that are verr bad. sorry for my bad eglish. but in thi show there is blood, firearms and nasty eglish words and it is shown on the kid networking. as i say before not the exact problem as yourself, but it is being shown to childrens.

with love from egypt,
luamepd ahmed

*mary* said...

Thanks Luamepd. I don't know what the are thinking. I mean, I clearly remember Daffy Duck getting his bill blasted off his face by a shotgun. Now the sexual references are in there too. It's crazy.

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