Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mojikan= Masochists?

Okay, so if anyone bothers to look at this blog they will notice a widget called "Mojikan" at the bottom of my page. I have two, in fact. This is a cute little widget I added that is supposed to be very "smart" and display its mood based off the words I use in my blog posts. It shows its mood and quotes from my post why it feels this way. Great idea, but...

mine seem to be a little off. For example my last blog post was about the gruesome murder of a toddler and there were both Mojis, "Happy!" and quoting text from my post "He pulled over and beat the toddler to death." Inexplicable. What makes this stupid thing think "happy" when the words "toddler" and "death" appear together? There is either some bugs that still need worked out, or the programmer is a masochist or psychopath.

Also, these are the same widget with a different look but sometimes one is happy and the other is depressed even when they are quoting the same exact phrase from the same post. I don't know. They are somewhat disturbing and I have considered getting rid of them... but they are just so damn cute. (And Bi-polar.)

**** Edited to add: I just noticed that I wrote masochist instead of sadist. This is truly testament to my lack of sleep lately. Oops.


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