Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boeing Vs. Airbus, WTF?

I was watching CSPAN2 when Senator Patty Murray of Washington brought up the issue of the United States Air Force contract bid, that Boeing had for decades, will now be given to Northrup Grumman and its European partner EADS (makers of the French-manufactured Airbus.)

There is much controversy over this, and Boeing is reportedly trying to get the Government Accountability Office to nullify the contract. Boeing has supplied the Air Force with refueling tankers for almost 50 years, and this is a $40 BILLION dollar contract! Of course they are upset that a a foreign rival company is getting the jobs that Americans had. This is crazy.

Senator Patty Murray mentioned that EADS had been accused previously by the U.S. Government of trying to illegally sell military helicopters to Iran! Yeah, we should really have an entity such as that being privy to the design of military machinery, right?
What. The. Fuck?


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