Sunday, April 27, 2008

Greetings from Point Pleasant!

Violet is one year old. She now has 6 teeth. Favorite activities include sniffing her own feet then wrinkling her nose to let me know, "my feet stink!" Umm, yeah I sort of taught her that as a joke and she likes it so much she even smells other people's feet. She also lets them know that their feet stink as well. It's pretty funny.
So, we live in an even smaller town in West (by God!)Virginia now. It boasts a statue of the elusive Mothman (yes, of the "Prophecies" movie fame. No I have never seen it: the movie or the Mothman.) There is an annual festival, however, that I shall be going to this September. I learned that David Horvath, the author of Violet's favorite book, "Bossy Bear," also creator of the popular Ugly Dolls will be there. Yay! I'm definitely going to get her Bossy Bear book and vinyl doll signed, if he'd be so kind. She'll think that is cool when she's older, I think. Well, I think it's cool NOW. Plus I heard that there may be Mothman-shaped pancakes. Yum.
Here is a treat, the statue I spoke of (and know you are dying to gaze upon! haha):


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