Saturday, July 28, 2007

SOME people, man...

I can't believe these jerks I just read about. Online gamers who were so absorbed into their D & D online game that their two small children were starving, dehydrated and just overall neglected. Luckily someone noticed and these freaks are going to prison... only 12 years each. They are crying "addiction" for sympathy but there is no excuse.

Since I last posted:

I sent my kitties to live with my brother's family. :( I know they will be taken well care of, plus they'll get he attention and love they need. I am sad, but it is for the best. We have cramped quarters here, and Boopy-girl will be crawling before you know it, and the kitties like to get small lids, etc into the floor. I'm taking no chances with my girl!

Violet had her third month b-day! She's over 12.2 lbs. Trust me, I can feel it from carrying her.

Violet now giggles out loud. Cutest thing ever. Seriously.

Ummm, my 12 year old niece informed me that I am a cougar. When I sort of laughed and said, "What do you mean?" she replied: "You know, a cougar. It's like an older woman that still looks hot." Rarrr! For the record, I am not even thirty years old yet! It cracked me up. Oh the folly of youth.

Well internerds ;) this cougar is signing off for the evening, but like a bad cold-I will be back.

PS- check out how cute my girl is!


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